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Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with

over 30 years of experience, loves the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs so much that he put one in his office for his staff and all of his patients to use.


Dr. Ronald Fuhrmann is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University through the Virginia Medical School Program in Richmond, Virginia. He also has a Bachelors degree in biology from Eastern Nazarene College located in Massachusetts. As a doctor with 30 years of practice, Dr. Furman continues his education and receives further training year after year to help bring the best care for his community. While researching the best massage chairs, he used his extensive knowledge to conclude at Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs.

While in search for a massage chair for his office, Dr. Fuhrmann had been seeking something that provided real therapeutic benefits that he can experience. He has frequently gotten massages for their therapeutic benefits, but wanted the convenience of having one in his office and a chair that can

provide a variety for his patients, staff and himself. For many years, he has only been able to find a massage chair that tries to give a decent massage, but often failed at giving a full body, deep tissue massage. He was unable to receive the benefits that he and his patients needed. After further research, Dr. Fuhrmann became impressed with the innovation, engineering and features of the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs. He took notice to the customized features of the chair and its ability to scan your body for a more personalized massage. When the chair determines your body height, weight, and shape, it can offer even more therapeutic benefits. He has also notice the further customizations in the chair when choosing the type of massage you want along with the intensity for your needs.

“From day one, I have not been disappointed. The chair does exactly what it says it can do, I love the way it looks, and it’s well built. First and foremost, it can deliver a deep tissue, full body massage including your arms, your legs, your hands, and your feet.”

After buying the chair, Dr. Fuhrmann, his staff, and his patients have loved the therapies and the massages they have recieved. As a frequent user of his massage chair, Dr. Fuhrmann highly recommends Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs.



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