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Pulmonologist™ Air Purifiers       413 Reviews

The ONLY air purifiers designed by lung doctors. Made to improve your overall health by breathing only fresh and clean air in the comfort of your home. Engineered to remove 99.99% of air pollutants and give you peace of mind -- All styled for 360° filtering.

Rheumatologist™ Lift Chairs       259 Reviews

The world’s first medical lift chair series developed by expert rheumatologists to not only make getting in and out of the chairs an absolute breeze but, also uniquely designed to correct posture, provide spinal and lumbar support, and rehabilitate your entire body every single day through pin-point massage therapy.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™       601 Reviews

The best massage chairs in the world are on breakthrough invention. It just makes sense. Why get a regular massage chair when you can get the very best of medical breakthrough’s award-winning collection?

Medical Saunas™       445 Reviews

The most perfect line of medical saunas all in one place, for your convenience. We have made shopping easier, and even more fun for our customers. In here, you will find exquisite products that will help you improve blood circulation and mobility every single day.

Ultra Full Spectrum Saunas       116 Reviews

The most advanced Sauna on the market just got a breakthrough, and we have it. Our full spectrum saunas are 100 times stronger and more effective than our competitors. Made to improve blood flow, reduce headaches and migraines, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night's sleep.

Nature Saunas       179 Reviews

Have you ever wondered what it’s like hearing nature’s pure sounds while you relax? This is it. This is the one. In an effort to improve your sauna experience, we created a sauna that is more than just an everyday sweat room. We’ve increased the dimensions of our traditional saunas and included removable benches. Now with the extra inches you can spread out a yoga mat and stretch your body into your favorite yoga poses, all while enjoying the infrared heating technology that our saunas are known for.

Traditional Saunas       144 Reviews

Reinvented and Refreshed. Imagine getting healed every single day. That is what the traditional sauna does for you. Handcrafted and designed from scratch by Davide Maret, when you step into our hemlock saunas you will feel and smell the powerful natural wood aromas, leaving your skin feeling tightened and refreshed.

Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist™       224 Reviews

The most advanced foot massager in the world is available for you NOW. After working with so many podiatrists who said that other foot massagers on the market were not helpful, we realized that the Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist had to be designed from scratch. This means that there are many great features for you to enjoy.

Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist v2™       107 Reviews

This perfect device relieves all the muscle-related pains in your legs through integrated massage therapy. The Auto Healing function on our Podiatrist is a full-service foot massage system that will combine all of the beneficial features and functions to leave you completely in awe. The sole rollers and the cloud airbags won't disappoint and you will receive the full foot massage experience that you deserve.

Facial Relaxation ™       224 Reviews

Pamper yourself. Our eye massager is like nothing you've ever felt. It warms your eyes while it uses air cells to gently massage your temples and eye area, sending you into a deeply relaxed state, easing away all tension and stress.

Full Body Pain Reliever™       380 Reviews

With the ability to serve as an all-round pain reliever, this device has revolutionized the way we care for our body on the go. Approximately 76.2 million Americans, have suffered from some kind of pain problem that affects nearly every aspect of their life. Recent research has shown that one of the most important factors in healthy ageing is skeletal muscle mass. Massage therapy can help restore skeletal muscle, meaning your health can improve faster and you can stay healthier for longer.

Hot/Cold Pack       205 Reviews

These specialty recovery packs are for the active and people on the go, or if you just want to lounge in a titillating feel of rehabilitation. The Medical Breakthrough Hot & Cold Wrap is made of a non-toxic, medical-grade clay material that is phthalate-free. Our wrap has the ability to heat and cool more quickly than your average heat or ice pack and can even retain its temperature for longer than any other therapy pack.

Hot/Cold Neck & Shoulders Pack       205 Reviews

Shaped to soothe your neck and shoulders, if you have sharp pain in these locations this is the perfect solution.

Hot/Cold Shoulder Therapy       159 Reviews

When your shoulder hurts you have a hard time holding anything so we created the Shoulder Pack with an easy velcro strap to wrap and relax.

Our Story:

Breakthrough Inventions spends years researching products that are designed to improve quality of life and health. When we were interested in taking massage chairs to the next level, we bought every luxury massage chair we could find and tested them with chiropractors, doctors and people of various ages and conditions to make sure we understood what it was going to take to change the game. We created the first medical massage chair that not only feels good, but actively heals you.

When we looked at saunas, we repeated this process: we spoke to doctors, bought up every high-end sauna we could get our hands on and put them through extensive, rigorous testing. We read every single bad review online about how long it took for their saunas to heat up, how they wished they had the option of steam or red light therapy; how they had to cover their beautiful wood they'd paid so much for with ugly tarps because they weren't designed for the elements. So we took all this research and feedback, and we invented the first sauna to heat up in just 15 minutes! We hired contractors to design protective hutches for our Nature Saunas so that no one would have to buy ugly tarps and we built ours to look beautiful outside and withstand the weather. We even created the first hybrid sauna on the market - with the dual ability to heat with steam and without - to give our customers the most versatile, healing sauna on Earth.

Everything we put our name on, we take a serious look at and put years of research into. We never jump into anything, we always ask why we are interested in reinventing an existing product. We want to take it to the next level because we are visionaries who feel strongly that the best minds in all of humanity are alive today, intertwining with the best technology in history, so anything we can dream, we can do!

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